Welcome Prof.Qiyan Wu from Nanjing Normal University, China to be conference editor!

Prof.Qiyan Wu, Geography Department, Nanjing Normal University, China

Prof.Qiyan Wu, got the doctorate of Science in Nanjing University on 1999. On August 2000, he exceptionally promoted to associate professor in Kunming Science and Technology University. In August the following year, he exceptionally promoted to professor. He transferred to Yunnan University In 2002.He acted as UBC visit professor during 2007-2008. He teached in School of geography science, Nanjing Normal University since 2010.
In 2005, he became the only city planning professional academic leaders in Yunnan Province. In 2006, he won the third prize of the Yunnan provincial natural science and the award of the Yunnan University outstanding teacher and so on.He successively presided and participated countries natural science fund, National Social Science Foundation, Ministry of education of Humanities and social sciences fund, the Provincial Natural Science Foundation, province education funds and international project many, and published more than 30 papers in the core journals so far. Since 2003, he served as international academic adviser of Taiwan Normal University "Geography Research Report", editorial director of "urban problems" ,committee member of China Society of natural resources education.
Main research direction for the research of urban, the focus areas are: 1. Urban social geography studies (urban middle class and social space division ISO orientation); 2. Urban and regional politics and economics research; 3. The urban simulation study.