Welcome Prof. Qinhui Wang, Zhejiang University, China to be the TPC!

Prof. Wang Qinhui, Zhejiang University, China

Professor of State Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization (CEU), Zhejiang University in China. Vice director of National Energy Technology R&D (experimental) Center on Clean Coal Conversion. Executive Member of a council, and vice director of Fluidization Study Committees, Chinese Society of Particulogy;Vice director of Engineering Thermochemistry Study Committees, The Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China. The main research topics are coal (biomass) combustion and gasification with circulating fluidized bed process, Coal poly-generation technology, pollutants removal and measurement on gas solid multiphase flow. Until now, more than 60 research projects have been completed include National Research projects, National Natural Science Foundation of China and International corporation projects. As main participant, more than 200 papers have been published and more than 40 major National Invention Patents have been granted by the State Intellectual Property Office of China.