Welcome Prof.Yanfen Liao,South China University of Technology,China to be the TPC!

Prof. Yanfen Liao,South China University of Technology,China

Pro. Liao has been working in School of Electric Power, South China University of Technology since 2003. She is the deputy dean of the School of Electric Power, and the deputy director of Guangdong Province Key Laboratory of Efficient and Clean Energy Utilization, and the committee member of the Energy and Power Professional Teaching Advisory Committee under the Ministry of Education.
Pro. Liao focused on the research of efficient and clean utilization technology of municipal solid waste, including combustible solid waste, sludge and forestry and agricultural residues. Study and develop the optimization technique on MSW incineration, which can be suitable for China's waste characteristics and solve the problem of secondary pollution and heating surface corrosion in solid waste incinerator. Based on the traditional coal chemical looping gasification technology, research on the Fe2O3/CaO biomass composite CLG, and microwave pretreatment driven CLG to enhance the cycle performance and reactivity. Research on the Co-disposal technology of sludge in coal-fired power stations and waste incinerators.
By now, Pro. Liao have presided over and completed more than 10 national or provincial research projects, including 2 National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2 sub-tasks of National Key R&D program of China, 2 sub-projects of National key Basic Research Program of China (973 Program), 1 Guangzhou Science and Technology Program key projects and 1 Guangzhou municipal key research project. Also presided over more than 40 cooperation projects with enterprises.
Pro. Liao has published more than 100 papers in high-level journals, of which more than 50 have been included in SCI and Ei, and have applied for 36 national patents, of which 25 patents have been authorized.