Welcome Prof. Fangming Chen, Hubei University, China to be the TPC!

Prof. Fangming Chen, Hubei University, China

1.     Hosted and participated in the National Natural Science Foundation General Project (30470284) .
2.     The Ministry of Science and Technology Public Welfare Project (2005DIB4J061).
3.     Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Department Natural Science Foundation "Preparation of Nano-Minerals and Their Treatment of Lake Eutrophic Water".
4.     Tsinghua University Open Fund of the State Key Joint Laboratory of Simulation and Pollution Control "Preparation of activated carbon-loaded nano-TiO2 and its adsorption performance for arsenic in water" and so on.
5.     I had published more than 50 papers in core journals at home and abroad, and was invited to serve as the editorial board of journals such as Journal of Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science and Technology, and Environmental Pollution and Prevention.