Welcome A/prof. Roberto Gomez, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico to be the TPC!

A/Prof. Roberto Gomez, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico 
Dr. Gomez is currently a full-time Associate Professor at the Institute of Engineering and collaborates as well with the Graduate School of Engineering at UNAM. His research topics include Structures, Seismic Engineering, Bridge Engineering, Computational Structural Mechanics, Wind Engineering, Instrumentation and Non-Destructive Testing in Structures. His contributions are considered in criteria for manuals and standards for the design of structures, as well as in projects of national importance in which he has carried out pioneering work. Dr. Gomez has published more than 200 articles in proceedings and specialized journals. He has written more than 100 technical reports of controlled circulation and has written chapters for eight books. He has participated in 101 funded projects for the Mexican Government and engineering companies. He has been invited to present keynote lectures in more than 70 national and international meetings.