Welcome Prof. Feng Feng, Yellow River Conservancy Technical Institute, China to be the TPC!

Prof. Feng Feng, Yellow River Conservancy Technical Institute, China

Brief Introduction. Feng feng, Dr.& Professor
  ·Doctor of Dalian University of Technology, Postdoctoral fellow of Tsinghua University and YRCC
  ·Deputy Director of Hydraulic Engineering Department, YRCTI
  ·Academic and Technical Leader of Henan Province
  ·Director of Henan Engineering Technology Center for Water Resources Conservation and Utilization in the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yellow River
  ·Famous Teacher of National Higher Vocational College of Water
  ·Professional leader of National Higher Vocational College of Water
  ·Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellow of Henan Province
  ·Member of International Water Association (IWA) and International Association of Hydraulic Engineering Research (IAHR)

Research projects. Presided over 3 projects of NSFC, 1 project of national "11th five-year plan" science and technology support program, 1 project of China Postdoctoral Fund, 1 project of key laboratory open fund of Ministry of Water Resources, and 12 other projects at provincial and ministerial level.

Monographs. More than 50 scientific research papers were published in Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, science of China, journal of hydraulic engineering and other journals, among which 10 papers were included in SCI and EI, and 25 papers in Peking University Chinese core journal. Eight papers won the prize of scientific papers of Henan Province and Kaifeng.  2 monographs and 4 textbooks were published.

International conference. Participated in the Busan IWA World Water Congress in 2012, Lisbon, Portugal, IWA World Water Congress in 2014, Chengdu, China 35th IAHR meeting, Tsinghua university, the fourth Asia-Pacific Conference on Hydrology and Water Resources, such as international conference, Japan Kobe 10th, Yokohama 11th International Water Supply Technology Conference, made oral presentation at the conference about related projects.

Honors and awards. 1 Third Prize for National Award for Agricultural Water-saving Science and Technology, 2 Third Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of Henan Province, 1 First Prize for excellent decision-making achievements of Henan Province, 1 Second Prize for excellent academic works of Henan Province, 1 first prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of Henan Provincial Water Resources Department, and 3 first prize for excellent scientific and technological achievements of Henan Provincial Education Department.

National patents. 21 patents have been declared, 5 Inventions have been authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office and 7 Utility Model Patents have been obtained.