Welcome Prof. Jiake Li, Xi’an University of Technology, China to be the TPC!

Prof. Jiake Li, Xi’an University of Technology, China

Over the years, Dr. Li has mainly engaged in non-point source pollution and water resources protection, urban stormwater management and utilization, theory and technology of water and wastewater treatment, and other fields of teaching and research work. His main academic achievements are: (1) He revealed the non-point source pollution characteristics and regularities of typical watersheds and cities in northwest China, and proposed the method of non-point source pollution in the watersheds considering different BMPs designs. He proposed some methods for estimating non-point source pollution load under limited data conditions, and established the river water pollution comprehensive control planning model, in which both point source and non-point source were taken into account. (2) Dr. Li developed key design technologies for typical urban low impact development facilities (including bioretention, rainwater constructed wetlands, rainwater seepage well vegetative filter strip, etc.). He established an optimization design method of urban low impact development based on comprehensive benefit evaluation, and a transport model of nutrient in bioretention system. He has compiled a guidebook for the design of bioretention technology (rain garden and bioswale) and a assessment and monitoring scheme of sponge city construction performance. The research results of his group were applied in Fengxi new city, Shaanxi province, which helped Fengxi new city to be approved as one of the first national sponge pilot cities and one of the 25 UNESCO eco-hydrological demonstration sites in the world.
Dr. Li has hosted and participated in more than 60 scientific projects. Among them, he hosted more than 30 projects, including 4 national projects and 5 provincial and ministerial projects. He has published more than 140 papers in the Water research and other journals ( including 58 SCI-indexed papers, and 12 EI-indexed papers), and 6 academic monographs. Dr. Li won the science and technology award of Shaanxi province twice. He has cultivated more than 40 doctoral and master graduate students, and more than 20 graduate students are studying in his group now.
Dr. Li was selected into the first batch of “Outstanding Young Teachers Training Program” of Xi'an University of Technology in 2010. He was awarded the 11th Youth Science and Technology Award of Shaanxi province in 2016.