Welcome Prof. Mei Yue, Hefei University, China to be the TPC!

Prof. Mei Yue, Hefei University, China
Prof. Yue Mei received her PhD from the China University of Mining and Technology. . She previously took up her research work at University of Rostock and Northern Arizona University. Her current research interests and specialism include environmental geochemistry, mine pollution site remediation and treatment, soil heavy metal pollution and treatment, water environment monitoring.
Selected Publications:
(1) Yue Mei,. Leaching experiments to study the release of trace elements from mineral separates from Chinese coals. International Journal of Coal Geology. 2008 (73): 43-51.
(2) Yue Mei, Geology and Water Chemical Characters of Acid Drainage in Coal  Mining Area. Proceedings of the Joint Conference of the 6th International Acid Sulfate Soil Conference and the Acid Rock Drainage Symposium. Huang S.W. and Li Y. T (eds). ISBN 978-7-5359-4714-7. 2008,9: 308-309 .
(3)Yue Mei, et al. Simulating experiments to the soluble metals migration of Co, Ni, Cd, Al, Cr, As and Pb in acid coal-mine drainage. Acta Scientiae Circumstantiae, 2006.6 (26):949-954. (In Chinese with English abstract).
(4) Yue Mei, et al. Relationship between oxidation rate of coal pyrite and it’s Grain Size. Journal of China University of Mining & Technology. 2004,6 (33): 641-645. (In Chinese with English abstract).
(5) Yue Mei, et al. The kinetics of oxidation reaction of pyrites from coal-bearing measure. Journal of China Coal Society. 2005,1 (30):75-78. (In Chinese with English abstract).