Welcome Prof. Jiming Hao(Academician), Tsinghua University, China to be the TPC!

Prof. Jiming Hao(Academician), Tsinghua University, China

In 1980s and 1990s, Prof. Hao led the designation of China’s Acid Rain Control Area and SO2 Emission Control Area, which were adopted by the State Council in 1998. He drafted Technology Guideline for SO2 Emission Control from Coal-burning that was adopted by the National government departments (e.g., MEP, MOST) in 2002. He promoted the Total Emission Control Policies on SO2 and NOx in 2005 and 2010, respectively.
Prof. Hao is also the pioneer of vehicle emission control in China. He developed the “Vehicle-Fuel-Road” control strategies, promoted the emission standards and fuel standards for new vehicles, I/M programs for in-use vehicles, and traffic management systems. For example, he led the first-ever National I emission standard (i.e., Euro I) for new vehicles in 1999 in Beijing and then 2000 nationwide. He is the leading author for the first edition of Technology Guideline for Vehicle Emission Control that was published and adopted by the National government departments (e.g., MEP, MOST) in 1999.
After year 2005, Prof. Hao has been dedicating to the improvement of regional air quality in China and East Asia. As the Chief Scientist, he led the development of the Air Pollution Control Strategy in China up to 2050 and the PM2.5 Control Technical Roadmaps for China up to 2030, which became directive documents for the protection of atmospheric environment in China. He also led the air quality management team to secure an excellent air quality in major events in China, such as 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2010 Shanghai World Expo, and 2014 APEC meeting.