Welcome Dr. Sebastien Martinet, CEA-LITEN, France to be the TPC!

Dr. Sebastien Martinet, CEA-LITEN, France

Dr. Sébastien Martinet, 47 year-old, is an electrochemical process engineer specialized in the field of batteries for 25 years. After a first experience started in 1995 with SAFT on Ni-MH batteries and safety for Li-Ion technology, he was in charge of setting the Li-Ion cell prototyping line at CEA in 1999. He was then responsible of the battery laboratory at CEA from 2006 to 2009 and became in 2010 scientific advisor for the battery activity of the department until 2016. He is now a battery senior expert at CEA with activities covering various topics: active material developments (phosphates, silicates, rocksalt oxides and sulfides…) for Li-Ion, developments of beyond Li-Ion technologies like Na-Ion and Mg-Ion, technological transfer to industrial partners of Li-Ion active materials (LiFePO4 cathode, Li4Ti5O12 anode), participation to the creation of the battery Start-Up Prollion for niche markets and also many other topics like separators, bipolar technology, cost modelling, Li-Ion battery modelling… He is also well experienced in the project management at both National and European levels.