Welcome Prof. Shu Tao, China University of Geosciences Beijing, China to be the TPC!

Prof. Shu Tao, China University of Geosciences Beijing, China

Research interests
1. Material composition and physical properties of coal reservoirs, including the effect of coalification jump on reservoir reformation, and dynamically characterizes the three-dimensional spatial evolution trajectory of reservoir physical properties.
2. In-suit stress and CBM system, including the distribution of in-suit stress and its effect on reservoir physical property, gas-bearing, reservoir pressure and the division of independent CBM systems
3. Dynamic variation of coal permeability, including mathematical model of coal permeability changes during the development process of CBM and its effect on gas productivity.
4. Reservoir characterization and simulation, including mathematical model of different reservoirs, reservoir simulations
Major Research Projects
2016.01~2020.12 Research on deep coalbed methane system and its energy dynamic balance mechanism (National Natural Science Foundation of China)
2018.01~2021.12 Evolution trajectory of physical properties for low-rank coal reservoirs and its coalification mechanism (National Natural Science Foundation of China)
2016.01~2018.12 Mechanism of water controlling on adsorption capacity of low rank coal reservoir (National Natural Science Foundation of China)
2016.01~2020.12 Study on the occurrence mechanism and resource recoverability of medium and low rank coalbed methane in the southern margin of Junggar Basin (Key Project of the National Science & Technology)
2016.01~2019.12 Study on detailed description and of alterability of multi-seam coal reservoir (Key Project of the National Science & Technology)
2017.01~2019.12 flow velocity sensitivity mechanism and its effect on dynamic change of coal reservoir permeability (Seeking truth scholar project)