Welcome Prof. Youjun Li, Northeast Petroleum University, China to be the TPC!

Prof. Youjun Li, Northeast Petroleum University, China

Dr. Li has been engaged in teaching and scientific research of Economics and management for 34 years. 12 provincial/bureau level research projects, such as "low-carbon development level measurement, model selection and countermeasures research in resource-based cities", have been completed. Presided over the provincial/bureau level teaching and research projects more than 20. More than 40 research results such as "Petroleum Enterprise Technology innovation ability appraisal research" and so on obtained the achievement award of provincial or bureau level, among them 13 results were awarded for first-class, and 18 for second-class. More than 50 papers such as "resource-based cities to low-carbon cities in the transition" were published as first author. 5 textbooks such as Modern Enterprise Management were published as first author, and 2 of them have been awarded excellent textbooks at provincial and school levels.