Welcome Prof./Dr. Zhongzhu Qiu, Shanghai University of Electric Power, China to be the keynote speaker!

Prof./Dr. Zhongzhu Qiu, Shanghai University of Electric Power

Title: Micro-encapsulated phase change material (MPCM) slurries: Characterization and applications
Abstract: Micro-encapsulated Phase Change Material (MPCM) slurries, acting as the heat transfer fluids or thermal storage mediums, have gained applications in various building thermal energy systems, significantly enhancing their energy efficiency and operational performance. The speaker's investigations present a review of research on MPCM slurries and their building applications. The research collects information on the currently available MPCM particles and shells, studies of the physical, structural and thermal stability, and rheological properties of MPCM slurries, and identification/determination of the critical parameters and dimensionless numbers relating to the MPCM slurries’ heat transfer. The research suggests possible approaches for enhancing the heat transfer between a MPCM slurry and its surroundings, while several controversial phenomena and potential causes were also investigated. Furthermore, the research presents mathematical correlations established between different thermal and physical parameters relating to the MPCM slurries, and introduces a number of practical applications of the MPCM slurries in building thermal energy systems. Based on such extensive review and analyses, the research will help in identifying the current status, potential problems in existence, and future directions in research, development and practical application of MPCM slurries.