Conference Schedule

August 11, 2017 11:00-18:00 Registration(Hotel)
August 12, 2017 08:50-09:00 Opening Ceremony
Keynote Speech Presentation Title
09:00-09:30 Prof. Chih-Huang Weng
I-Shou University, Taiwan
Biotite activated persulfate oxidation for decolorization of real textile wastewater
09:30-10:00 Dr.,Retired Prof.Shyam S.Nandwani
Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica
Thirty eight years of experience with solar cooking, also to reduce global warming
  Invited Speeches Presentation Title
10:20-12:00 Prof. Yung-Jaan Lee A Synthesized Biophysical and Social Vulnerability Assessment for Taiwan
Dr. Rohitha Weerasinghe Wind Load Assessment of a Large Radar Antenna using Measurements and Simulation
12:00-14:00 Photography & Lunch Time
Oral Session
Invited Speeches Presentation Title
14:00-17:00 Ying-Lin Wang Occurrence of Mercury and Methylmercury in Surface Water and Surface Sediment of River, Irrigation canal and Reservoir in Taiwan
Yung Yau Efficacy beliefs, collective actions and waste recycling behavior: An empirical study in Hong Kong
Octika Adinda Putri Serious simulation game development for energy transition education using integrated framework game design
Bin Zhang Experimental Study on Ice Forming Process of Cryogenic Liquid Releasing underwater
Theresa Devina Silalahi Exploration of Government Policy Structure Which Support and Block Energy Transition Process in Indonesia Using System Dynamics Model
Yan Xia Challenges of constructing salt cavern gas storage in China
Vicky Larasvasti Respati Exploration of Agent of Change’s Role in Biodiesel Energy Transition Process Using Agent-Based Model
Yurong Li The Number of Chained Lumped-Circuits for the Physical Analogy of Half-Wavelength Power Transmission Lines
Zhenwei Li Determination of the best conditions for modified biochar immobilized petroleum hydrocarbon degradation microorganism by orthogonal test
Ziwei Li Dynamic Changes of Landscape Pattern and Vulnerability Analysis in Qingyi River Basin
August 13, 2017 09:00-18:00 One Day Tour