2023 8th International Conference on Advances in Energy and Environment Research & Clean Energy and Energy Storage Technology Forum (ICAEER & CEEST 2023)

Prof. Jianlin Li from North China University of Technology was Invited as the Publication Chair!


Prof. Jianlin Li, North China University of Technology

Jianlin Li, doctor, professor,Doctoral supervisor.Vice Chairman of the Energy Storage Committee of the China Renewable Energy Society, Deputy Secretary-General of the Beijing Association for the Promotion of Advanced carbon Materials, Chairman of the Zhongguancun Yunyun platform expert Library, Chief Technical expert in the Energy Storage Field of the Jilin Institute of State Grid, Director of the Energy Storage Special Committee of the Anhui Automation Society, Vice-chairman of the East China Energy Storage leaders Union, Deputy head of the demand response Group of the China Electrical Machinery Society, member of the Standardization Committee of the China Renewable Energy Society, Editorial Board of authoritative magazines such as Power system Automation, Electrotechnical Journal, High Voltage Technology, Solar Energy Journal, Power Grid and Clean Energy, Vice Chairman of editorial Board of Electric Application Journal, member of Polaris Power Network expert think Tank and special lecturer.He has undertaken a number of national projects in the field of energy storage, including 4 national 863 projects, 3 national natural fund projects, 10 major projects in the energy storage direction of the State Grid, and more than 10 projects in the Provincial Grid.In recent years, more than 100 SCI/EI retrieval articles have been published in core journals at home and abroad, and he has authorized more than 50 patents for invention. Responsible for drafting more than 10 industry standards in the field of energy storage.He has written more than 10 translations of "large-scale energy storage technology", "key technology of scenery storage in smart grid", "frequency modulation technology of energy storage system power grid" and so on.In the field of energy storage has won provincial and ministerial level first and second class awards more than 10 times.