2023 8th International Conference on Advances in Energy and Environment Research & Clean Energy and Energy Storage Technology Forum (ICAEER & CEEST 2023)

Welcome Prof. Jiazhong Zhang, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China to be the Invited Speaker!


Prof. Jiazhong Zhang, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

My current research focuses on

  • Lagrangian description for unsteady flow and combustion: Lagrangian coherent structure, momentum transfer, lobe dynamics, targeted energy transfer, localization of energy, nonlinear energy sink, thermo-acoustics in combustion, resonance energy exchange, complex network of flow systems, topology and aerodynamic properties;

  • Nonlinearity and singularity of N-S equation in view of the point of mathematics and the route to turbulence, Nonlinear non-equilibrium atmospheric thermal dynamics;

  • Instability, sequence-bifurcation, the spatiotemporal pattern formation for the complex fluid mechanics and combustion, macroscopic quantum phenomena;

  • Study fluid dynamics on manifolds, dynamics and the reduction of the continuum dynamic system with infinite-dimension or large degree-of-freedom based on the Inertial Manifold theories;

  • Dynamics in shock wave, plasma, soliton and rarefied gas dynamics for super-sonic flow; Cavity and energy accumulation with cavitation, self-organized criticality, non-smooth dynamics;

  • Numerical method for nonlinear dynamics in continuum system, KAM in fluid dynamics;

  • Application of nonlinear dynamics to the drag reduction, lift enhancement, aero-heating, dynamic stall, and active aeroelastic structures;

  • Low-velocity wind turbine with local adaptive aeroelastic structures, energy capture by phase transition;

  • Stability and bifurcation in rotor dynamics, and rotor dynamics software; Vibration localization or nonlinear dynamics in the system with periodic or symmetric structure; 

  • Nonlinear aeroelastic stability and flow control by the morphing structure, turbo-machinery or fluid machinery with low Reynolds number by smart structures;

  • Multi-phase flow and cavitation in turbo-pump and ocean flow。