2024 9th International Conference on Advances in Energy and Environment Research (ICAEER 2024)

Welcome Prof. Gordon Huang(Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering, H-index 100), University of Regina, Canada to be the TPC!


Prof. Gordon Huang, University of Regina, Canada

Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering, H-index 100

Gordon Huang, Professor of Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Regina. He is a Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering, Fellow of Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, Fellow of Engineering Institute of Canada,the president of International Society for Environmental Information Sciences, Chief Scientist of Program of Rural Water Resources Management and Drinking Water Safety, United Nations Development Programme, Canada Research Chair Tier 1, Executive Director of Institute for Energy, Environment and Sustainability Communities, Editor-in-Chief of J. of Environmental Informatics.

His research interest includes planning of energy and environmental systems, synchrotron-based environmental chemistry and biochemistry, climate modeling and downscaling, simulation of hydrological and environmental systems, etc. 

He has publishedOver 1000 peer-refereed journal papers (first or corresponding author for over 50% of them). SCI-based H-index = 100 in Science Citation Index under Web of Science. SCI Citation = over 44,500.