2023 8th International Conference on Advances in Energy and Environment Research & Clean Energy and Energy Storage Technology Forum (ICAEER & CEEST 2023)

Welcome Prof. Changjun Xie, Wuhan University of Technology, China​ to be the TPC!


Prof. Changjun Xie, Wuhan University of Technology, China

谢长君 教授,武汉理工大学

Changjun Xie(1980-), is a professor/Ph.D supervisor, who is the winner of Hubei Outstanding Youth Fund and the Top Young Talent of Wuhan University of Technology. He is currently the dean of Modern Industry College of Artificial Intelligence and New Energy Vehicles at Wuhan University of Technology, the executive director of Wuhan Institute of Artificial Intelligence and New Energy Automobile Industry Technology, and the deputy director of Hubei New energy power Battery Engineering Technology Research Center. He is the first editorial member of Green Energy and Intelligent Transportation, a new publication of China Science and Technology Journal Excellence Action Plan. He is also a member of the Energy Storage System and Equipment Committee of China Electrotechnical Society. He is also the executive director of PES China Sub-Committee on Electric Vehicle Power Battery Technology.

His research interests include advanced energy storage science and applications, fuel cells and new energy vehicles, etc. He has won 3 second prize of Hubei Provincial Technology Invention and first prize of Hubei Provincial Natural Science Excellent Academic Paper. In recent years, he has presided over 1 national key research and development program project, 3 National Natural Science Foundation projects, and over 20 other national provincial and ministerial vertical projects. He has published more than 80 papers in core journals and important international conferences at home and abroad, among which more than 60 papers have been included in SCI/EI. He has applied for more than 100 invention and utility model patents, has authorized more than 60 invention patents, and completed the transfer of 10 invention patents.

谢长君(1980-),教授/博士生导师,湖北省杰出青年基金获得者,武汉理工大学青年拔尖人才。现任武汉理工大学人工智能与新能源汽车现代产业学院院长,武汉人工智能与新能源汽车工业技术研究院执行院长,湖北省新能源动力电池工程技术研究中心副主任。中国科技期刊卓越行动计划高起点新刊Green Energy and Intelligent Transportation 首届编委,中国电工技术学会储能系统与装备专委会委员, IEEE PES中国区电动汽车动力电池技术分委会常务理事。