2024 9th International Conference on Advances in Energy and Environment Research (ICAEER 2024)

Welcome Assoc. Prof. Qiushi Cui, Chongqing University, China​ to be the TPC!


Assoc. Prof. Qiushi Cui, Chongqing University, China

崔秋实 副教授,重庆大学

Qiushi Cui, Associate Professor of Chongqing University, Chongqing Talent - Young Top Talent, selected as a special expert of Zhejiang Province Youth Thousand Talent Program, Specially Appointed Professor of Shanghai University (Oriental Scholar), and young backbone member of Wenyuan Li's academician team. He is the vice chair of the IEEE Power and Energy Society Big Data Analytics Committee Web Forum Task Force and the founding chair of the Big Data Mentoring Series Forum. D. from McGill University, Canada, and a postdoctoral fellow from Arizona State University, USA. His main research interests include power system artificial intelligence, power system protection and control, integrated energy systems, grid real-time simulation and digital twin, etc. He has published more than 30 papers in foreign core journals, 16 SCI-indexed papers, and holds 3 US patents. He is a recipient of the Canadian Natural Science and Engineering Technology Research Postdoctoral Fellowship and the Quebec Natural Science Postdoctoral Fellowship. He has received best paper awards at three international conferences and has chaired and participated in several national projects in North America. He has successfully applied for projects in the US and Canada for $371,550. He has developed the world's first Hypersim library of microgrid systems and relay protection modules, and the corresponding products have been used by many Fortune 500 companies as well as R&D centers and universities worldwide in the design, testing and optimization of control and protection equipment for power grids, power electronics, electric motors, automobiles, trains and aircraft, etc. Associated product sales have reached USD 30-40 million per year.